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Performance, Versatility Unmatched
Complete Groomer Lineup, 100x925wide
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Infield Groomers that keep
infields level and save labor.

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Lineup includes the Legendary
Pro Groomer PR72.

Professional Golf & Turf
Brush & Groom Equipment.

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Includes Golf-Turf GT model that
makes a Superintendent's
Job Easier!

Maintenance Equipment for Driveways, Yards and more!

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Our DR Grader-Groomer
makes maintenance quick & easy!

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Keeping You in Control with our exclusive "Operator Lift Control Systems"

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Heying Company is dedicated to producing top-of-the-line innovative infield and turf maintenance equipment. With our Infield Groomers you can produce Pro Infields in no time, but you won't need the large grounds crew to get it! Join our satisfied customers across the US, Canada, Latin America and more who are now caring for their infields like an Infield Pro and their turf like a Turf Pro. Our turf customers include golf superintendents, municipalities, High Schools, City Recreation and Parks Departments, Private Baseball and Softball Leagues, Fast pitch Softball, and Colleges who have improved their field conditions, plus they spend less time preparing and maintaining their turf and fields than with other equipment such as the Dirt Doctor, or Infield Rascal. Pull our machines with a variety of towing machines, including 4-Wheelers, Garden Tractors, Gators, ATV's, UTVs and more! Have granular surfaces other than infields, our machines will work on many of them! If you're looking for quality turf and golf maintenance equipment, then our MG72 is the ultimate multi purpose machine. There isn't anything like it on the market for pulverizing aeration cores, grooming golf greens, aerating, de-thatching, leveling top dressings, rejuvenating artificial turf, and much more.