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Electric Lift Optional Accessories.

AL-E-006-097, TransmitterAL-E-098
Additional Wireless Transmitter.

For "WR" and "PW" Electric Lift Systems. Uses A23 battery.
Includes Lanyard. We provide
easy instructions on how to
"Learn", or "Pair" a transmitter
to a receiver.

Backup Control Systems.
Do you run tournaments? Busy game schedules? Can't be broke down with the
groomer from an electrical issue like dead battery, misplaced transmitter or broken
wire? A "backup control system" can be stored away. If the main control system
has an issue then the backup is brought out and connected to the 12v battery of
 the tow vehicle. It will bypass all parts of the original system (except the actuator)
and allow you to operate the groomer. Consult any groomer catalog for details
on how each control system works.

AL-E-555 SB SwitchBox Backup System,IMG_5992100dpi,300w

AL-E-555 "SB" Corded SwitchBox Control Backup.
Uses temporary alligator clamps to connect to 12v
battery of tow vehicle.

AL-E-571 PW Backup System,IMG_5980,100dpi,300w
AL-E-571 "PW" Portable Wireless Control Backup.
Uses temporary alligator clamps to connect to 12v
 battery of tow vehicle.

AL-E-589 SG Backup Control System,IMG_9615,100dpi,300w

AL-E-589 "SG" Corded SwitchBox Control System
(uses 12v battery on groomer). Note: If you have a dead battery
on the groomer this system cannot bypass it. 

Dash Switch,IMG_9291,100wAL-E-552 Additional
"HW" Tow Machine
Wiring Package.

For customers who order
"HW" Lift System and want
to wire a second tow vehicle
to operate the groomer.

Includes wiring to install on one additional tow
vehicle to control the groomer electric lift.

HW Power Wire

Tow vehicle Fused Power Harness and Control Wire from Dash Switch to Rear of Vehicle.. HW Tow Vehicle Wire

Accessories include split loom, connectors, etc.

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