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Scarifiers for Pro Infield Groomer PR72. Tongue Towed.      (Note: Spring Tine Scarifiers for Quick Attach Pro Groomers Click Here.)

Optional "Scarifiers" to Pulverize - Shatter - and Break up Hard Infields.
Two Choices:  Hard Tooth Chisel Scarifier  or   Spring Tine Scarifier
Infield mixtures vary greatly. Some get hard enough where they need pulverized from time to time to make them more playable.
Players and coaches want firm footing underneath with nicely playable surface on top.
To break up, or pulverize infields, we offer two type of "scarifiers". Both are easy to use and save labor compared to traditional nail or bolt drags.

PRCH-5825,IMG_5825,100dpi,400wPRCH-5825 Chisel Scarifier
- Mounts to Rear of Groomer.
- Cannot be used while grooming.
The most effective scarifier on the market
for breaking up and pulverizing hard
infields. Completely adjustable to any
depth without tools.

PRCH-5825 Chisel Scarifier,IMG_4597,100dpi,300wDuring the season a shallow depth is used
to pulverize only the top portion of infields.
Off season it can be used up to 2-3/4"
deep (as long as it doesn't disturb the
important infield layers).

Also effective when mixing in new material, removing weeds,
or during renovation work. Made with our exclusive hard "abrasion
resistant" steel teeth. Rear Finishing Broom and optional Drag Mat can
be attached behind the Chisel Scarifier to help break up chunks and
smoothen the surface.

Note: Chisel scarifier cannot be used while grooming. It is used as a separate process.
Note: Solid tooth scarifiers tend to penetrate hard infields better than spring tine scarifiers.

Note: Replacement Chisel Teeth. Order Part No. PA-C-101 See Parts Page

PA-C-101 chisel teeth, 80h

PRST-6800 Spring Tines,IMG_3292,crop,100dpi,300wPRST-6800 Spring Tine Scarifier
- For Electric Lift Pro Groomer models only.
- Mounts to Front of Groomer
- Can be used while grooming.
Pulverizes top portion of infields
while you groom.

PRST-6800 Spring Tines,IMG_3304,crop,100dpi,400wTwo rows of staggered spring tines.
Each row is completely adjustable to different angles.

Note: The Spring Tines will only penetrate the very top portion of infields. If you need to
deep till then consider the chisel scarifier. Extremely hard infields (especially sand mixtures)
are easier to pulverize with the hard tooth Chisel Scarifier.

Note: This attachment adds 48 lbs. to the front tongue weight of the groomer. This extra
weight makes the tongue heavier when lifting to connect to the tow vehicle. This is more
noticeable when added to WR and SG models that have a 12v battery on board the groomer.

Note: Replacement Tines for PR72 Tongue Towed and AS72 Tongue Towed Groomers.
Order Part No. AL-G-508 Cut Tines  See Parts Page

AL-G-508, Spring Tines Cut, 60h

Do You Understand How Important the Layers of Your Infield Are? Things you should know about Breaking up Hard Infields.
Extreme caution should always be used during the season when deciding that an infield needs to be pulverized. Using any implement too deep during
the season could render it un-playable (make it too soft). Plus, during the season, or, the off season, no implement should be used too deep that it
disturbs or damages the important layering between the infield material on the top and the sub soil layer beneath. Any manufacturer that claims their
machine can be used to deep till or sub soil infields is made by people who either never played, don't understand proper infield care, or,
they are simply misleading customers in order to sell equipment. NEVER disturb or damage your infield layers. If you do you can't get the layers back!

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